Skaeve huse

Skaeve Huse is a Danish expression which means something like special houses for special people.

It refers to a project in Denmark that has been set up to house people who can no longer be housed through the regular housing system, because of their history as problem- or nuisance tenants.

In 2006 Amsterdam adopted the Danish approach by creating a pilot scheme in the harbor area to the west of the city. This project consists of houses built by Tempohousing. It offers accommodation to a small group of people, often with a history of mental health problems, together with a supervisor.

The approach turned out to be successful and more project are expected in Holland.

The houses have been reused 3 times on 3 different locations since they were placed.

This is one of the reasons this type of building is very suitable for this type of housing: basic but comfortable and easy to relocate.

Model: ISO container homes, Professor30, Director60

Model: ISO container homes, Director 60