Director 60

This module is based on two connected 40 ft ISO shipping containers.
These 2 containers 4.8 m (2 x 2.4) wide and 12 meter long have connecting sections at the long sides.
By connecting the 2 containers a surface of about 60m2 is created.
Comfortable, flexible and larger rooms are possible. These modules are also very suitable for (semi)- permanent housing solutions, student housing, staff accommodation, urgency shelter, hotel rooms.
Worldwide availability.

Professor 60 specifications

  • Based on ISO shipping containers, complete steel structure
  • Can be stacked up to 7 levels
  • Easy to transport by ship and truck and possibility to relocate
  • Arrives fully pre-assembled: Easy to connect on site due to linking kit
  • Including bathroom, kitchen, electricity, door, windows, heating, vinyl flooring and – ventilation (different floor layouts possible)
  • External facade possible, not necessary
  • Also available with staircases, balconies and walkways
ISO Home Director 60
Director 60 ISO Home