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De Loetenweg 3
NL-1187 WB Amstelveen
The Netherlands

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P.O.Box 43
NL-1000AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Tempohousing has maintained a franchise program since 2008 with offices in over 10 other countries all over the world but due to changed market conditions, this program has now ended.

There is only one Tempohousing office, providing all services. The office is based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

For projects inquiries in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we kindly refer to Deborah Smyth of Modular Express Group Ltd based in London, , email contact ds [ use @ sign ]

For project inquiries in Western Africa, we kindly refer to Dele Ijaiya-Oladipo of , based in Lagos (Nigeria), contact dele [ use @ sign ]

Warning: in all other countries, any person or company using the registered brand name Tempohousing is doing so illegally and such person or company has no relationship with Tempohousing. We are aware of illegal use of the name of Tempohousing in Denmark, in the UAE (Dubai), in South Africa and in Germany.

Please be very careful with these persons or companies, refrain from doing business with them since they – and you as a customer – can be subject to legal damage claims in court.

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