Prefab Buildings

Tempohousing has designed and built prefabricated homes and hotels for over 20 years now. Projects were delivered mostly in The Netherlands but also in many other countries. Prefabrication offers many advantages over traditional construction: quicker results, better quality and lower overall costs. On top of that, all buildings are very sustainable: a much lower carbon footprint and highly reusable. Some housing projects have been dismantled after 15 years and rebuilt elsewhere, for the next 15 or 30 years. Our smart designs make use of different prefab construction systems, varying from purpose built modular homes to re-used shipping containers or even DIY packs. With this flexible approach we serve customers in many markets and offer a solution for every project and for every budget.


For all projects we can choose from a variety of modular systems: steel frame, wood frame or a hybrid solution. Technical details and appearance can be modified for each design and for each architectural proposal. Modular housing has evolved from basic container homes to fully accepted modern houses with the latest technology. Today, anything is possible ! 


Tempohousing became famous in 2004 by building world’s largest student village based on shipping containers in Amsterdam. All these homes are today relocated and are still in use! However over the years we added many new prefab systems and technical solutions. Today most modular projects are from purpose build homes, made to order, in any size and produced  in Europe.

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