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The Keetwonen project is for sale

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The Keetwonen project is for sale. Go to for more info.

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ISO homes

ISO home

Our most sturdy and durable solution

The ISO home, based on a structure of original ISO shipping containers.
Sturdy, durable, industrial, transportable.

Reuse and relocated these prefab homes time and time again, but also as a permanent solution.

The concept has proven itself for over a decade and hundreds of times, all over the globe.

Modular homes

modular home

Wider units and the use of innovative materials

New developed models with the innovative usage of cellular concrete.

Depending on the application in combination with a steel structure and/or high grade insulating panels.

Suitable for the European marked to offer a more permanent solution.

We can offer up-market and budget models to fit your plans.

Flat Pack homes

flat pack home

Create larger spaces and save on transport costs

Easy to create larger spaces and the most economical solution when it comes to transport.

Great for remote areas all over the world.

Fast delivery and deployment, stackable and adaptible to your specific specifications, both in technical outfitting as configuration.


In 2002, the city of Amsterdam urgently needed a solution to house part of its student population and was looking for new and original ideas to quickly solve the problem. Only temporary building sites were available (as in any city, land was scarce), so the solution had to be mobile, affordable and quick. Traditional construction was no option: too expensive, not mobile, and too slow.

Tempohousing (at the time also known as “Keetwonen”) was the only company who could offer solutions within the budget and timeframe. But to live in what looks like a shipping container was completely new in Holland, so many hearts still had to be won.

And since then we have taken a leading role in quick and affordable modular home solutions. It started in Holland and today you can find our offices in other countries too. Shipping container based homes was the first project and from there we expanded to other prefabricated solutions, to serve different markets and different customers.

With factories in Europe and in the Far East, we can turn every project – big or small – into the success it deserves.

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