labour hotel Diemen

Temporary workers that stay only for a short period in a country can be found everywhere. They are needed where there is a shortage of labour, to reduce labour cost in production or for an infrastructure or construction project, in need for a large group of workers on site for only a short time.
To quickly and efficiently house these workers, Tempohousing offers so called Labour Housing: easy to build and easy to remove again.
The “ labour hotel” in this project in Diemen near Amsterdam is a building with 5 levels, consisting of 25 units of the model Master (60 m2 each), each with shower, toilet, kitchen and a dining area and 3 bedrooms. Total capacity 130 beds.

For the façade of this hotel Tempohousing applied insulated sandwich panels, adding a different look and offering better insulation. The shipping containers in this project are second hand ones, but are not visible anymore.
The “Director” container models (60 m2) are produces on site! Although the project was built to use only for 5 years, until 2013, the owner has decided not to remove the building and keep it for a longer time.

Tenants are very happy with accommodation – the hotel was fully rented from day 1.

Model: ISO container homes, Professor30, Director60