Tesla pop-up showroom

Imagine an entire Tesla store that can fit on a flat bed trailer and be hauled anywhere in the country. That’s the idea behind Tesla pop up stores, the company’s newest sales tool.

Tesla Motors sent Tempohousing a high level sketch of a mobile showroom, that can be transported and unfolded and folded again in a matter of days. All the showrooms were based on 2 x a 20 ft shipping container that can be loaded on one single truck, taking the whole showroom (folded) to any place.

Tesla needed 3 of these showrooms within 8 weeks, while the architect designs contained very little engineering detail unfortunately.

But we did it!
Redesigned, engineered, manufactured and even installed all 3 showrooms in no-time (installation for the first time to instruct Tesla staff).

The showrooms are a huge success and have been present in many European countries (there is also 1 made in the USA for that market).

These travelling showrooms also represent Tesla’s new unique approach to selling its cars, bypassing traditional dealerships and instead selling its vehicles directly to consumers in company-owned retail locations in upscale shopping areas. But it wants to push the boundaries of what consumers are accustomed to in the auto retail experience even further. Showing off the flexibility of Tesla’s direct-to-consumer model, the electric-car maker is meeting customers at popular summer locations with a touring, full-fledged store experience.

Projectinformation: Pop Up Store (car showroom)

Remarkable: The shipping container arrives and unfolds to double its size in just a few hours

Model: ISO container homes