Sportsclub Belgium

Project Sportclub, Belgium

Padel, (or paddle in the US and Canada) is a new up-and-coming sport in Belgium. It is a sort of tennis in combination to racquetball.

New padel clubs are spreading rapidly across Europe and padel club Arenal is planned to stay on their current location for 2 years so they needed a quick, durable and beautiful club house.

The pop-up club house is fitted out with
2 complete changing rooms including all sanitary.
A full bar and cafeteria

The club house was delivered on site as a semi-prefab building constructed with 4 modified ISO 40' shipping containers.
On site they were connected to create larger spaces required for a comfortable bar and changing rooms.

The prefabrication took around 4 weeks and the construction on site only took a couple of days.

Model: ISO homes