Salvation army, shelter and offices

Student housing Diemen

This project is for the Dutch branch of the Salvation Army ("Leger des Heils") in Amsterdam. What makes this design special is that the ground floor is built in the traditional way with a construction of concrete columns, connected with window frames, to create a large open space. This space is used as an office and a place for social activities. The 2nd and 3rd floor were built using Tempohousing housing units (model "Professor") for the clients of the Salvation Army. The project consists of 3 separate buildings, where 3 categories of clients will be housed for a short period of time, in some cases as an alternative for imprisonment for small misdemeanors. The units are made in China and offer all amenities for a one person household. Additional special safety features are included in this project. The project started in April 2008 and was commissioned in September 2008.