Tempohousing has built the world’s first and largest container campus for students! To stay in a converted shipping container, was new for the students and for politicians. Since Amsterdam faced a huge lack of student housing, they took a big step and decided to contract Tempohousing to build a removable container campus for students.

Living in a shipping container is not really new but Tempohousing took the concept to a new level and built a dedicated production line in China to produce up to 40 shipping container homes per week. The finish of these modular homes could meet the high building standards in Europe … and that was really new.

Keetwonen turned out to be a huge success and is today among the most popular residence halls/campus in the city. Although this project was initially meant to only stay on this site for 5 years (and to be relocated to a new location – shipping container homes are ideal for that purpose), it is expected that the relocation will be postponed until end of 2018. The project started at the end of 2005 (first 60 homes commissioned in September 2005) and was completed in May 2006 – a construction speed of 150 homes per month.

Project information: Student homes

Remarkable: Biggest shipping container home project in the world. When launched, the biggest student home (28 m2) a student could get for an “all in” rent of about 400 Euro (price level 2015).

Number of modules: 1034 (housing + common areas + cafe + laundry)

Area: 31020 m2

For students:
If you want to apply for one of the student homes you can only enlist online.
We can’t help you. Tempohousing does not rent out the apartments.
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