concrete 35

This module is built with light weight concrete walls, floor and ceiling.
The external dimensions are 10m length and 3.5 m width.
The use of light weight concrete allows for transport by truck.
With a surface of about 35m2 this model has been developed for permanent housing or hotels and meets the highest standards.

Light weight concrete (or “gasbeton”) is a new product that is developed due to the ideal properties of concrete for improved sound insulation, better fire resistance and the ability to accumulate the indoor temperature. Traditional concrete is too heavy for transporting a complete module by truck, therefore light weight concrete is a perfect solution.

An outside facade (different options available) is always necessary.
Part of the facade is applied on the construction site and shipped separately.

Relocation is possible but this type of module is meant for permanent projects.

Concrete35 specifications

  • 35m2 (10 x 3,5m) standard
  • Steel frames with isolated sandwich panels
  • Single level only
  • Transport by truck, easy to relocate
  • Arrives fully pre-assembled: a “plug-and-play” product
  • Including bathroom, kitchen, electricity, door, windows, heating, vinyl flooring and ventilation (different floor layouts possible)
  • Many different building designs and colors

Available in other sizes (width / height / length).
Delivered in the western Europe by truck only.