FP 15 combined

This module (15m2) is delivered as a ‘build it yourself’ kit. It consists of a steel frame and sandwich panels. The external dimensions are 6 m length and 2.4 m wide. The flat pack homes (kits) can be shipped as a bundle with the volume of a single 20ft container or as 7 kits in a standard 40 ft container. These flat packs are easy to connect to create larger spaces. Suitable for all types of housing and buildings, also when needing larger spaces such as schools, offices, man camps or refugee shelters.

FP 15 specifications

  • Steel frames with insulated sandwich panels
  • Can be stacked up to 3 levels
  • Easy and budget solution to transport and relocate
  • Assembly after arrival on site (2 persons *4 hours)
  • Including insulation, electricity, windows, doors, heating, vinyl floor and ventilation
  • The most flexible and economic solution for many different applications
  • External facade possible, not necessary
  • Worldwide availability.
FP 15 combined
FP 15 modular flat pack home