tempohousing products Tempohousing is active in 4 segments of the housing market. Below you will find some general information on each segment. The housing solutions vary from our best selling "Professor" model, which is ideal for students or starters on the housing ladder, to more expensive apartment models with 1 bedroom ("Director"). All designs can be modified to customer specifications. In fact, we are well aware that no project is standard. For the hotel sector, the units usually come with furniture as chosen by the customer. Complete prefab hotel rooms need to be connected to central systems and this requires a design phase that we can also offer. The hotel rooms vary from 10 sqm for 1 star backpack hotels with shared bath rooms up to 5 star rated rooms of 26 sqm with all the required amenities. Hotels also often need a restaurant, bar, reception, office, business center, gym, pool, laundry, storage, staff rooms and so on. We can design the complete project for you, based on your requirements.