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Tempohousing, modular units

In 2002, the city of Amsterdam urgently needed a solution to house part of its student population and was looking for new and original ideas to quickly solve the problem. Only temporary building sites were available (as in any city, land was scarce), so the solution had to be mobile, affordable and quick. Traditional construction was no option: too expensive, not mobile, and too slow. Tempohousing (at the time also known as "Keetwonen") was the only company who could offer solutions within the budget and timeframe. But to live in what looks like a shipping container was completely new in Holland, so many hearts still had to be won.

China production

To keep the cost down, the quality high and building time short, we looked for ways to maximum prefabrication. We traveled to China, but at first we found no factory that could offer the required quality. And then we found a Dutch engineer and factory owner with years of experience in working in China and with him we built a dedicated factory that was able to cope with the tough building regulations in Holland. The production in the new facility in China started in the spring of 2005 and soon, at a speed of 50 units a week, the complete container homes - including interiors- arrived in Amsterdam, ready to be stacked like Lego blocks.

Keetwonen / Wenckehof

At the end of 2005 the first 100 homes where ready and the first students where handed the keys to their new homes. Mid 2006, all 1000 homes were commissioned. This -the largest container city in the world- turned out to be a huge success: at this moment all homes are rented out and there is a waiting list of more than a year. It is now the second most popular student dormitory in Amsterdam and believe us: there’s a lot of competition (but of course none as funky as living in a real shipping container). The rent is about 395 € per month (year 2007) and that includes everything. On the site, we have also built a supermarket, café, laundry, office space, sports field and a bicycle repair shop.

After his project, the concept of Tempohousing was acknowledged all over the world and we are now involved in many other projects. And requests keep flowing in from literally all corners of the world. Our modular housing concept based on the shipping container definitively has taken of.

The future

Many millions of unused shipping containers are wasting away in port depots, when they could be used for housing too. Tempohousing is currently building both with new containers from the Chinese factory and with used containers that are modified into homes or hotel rooms. Please browse through our website and look at the many options, models and projects we offer. Hopefully you will become as excited as we are about the many possibilities.

Tempohousing has its main office in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), where a team of in-house engineers work on existing projects and new concepts. For sales, we have contracted distributors around the world, their details are on the contact page. There you will also find other opportunities to become our partner.