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student homes in Diemen

Diemen student housing The town of Diemen borders Amsterdam to the east. Like its bigger neighbor it also suffers from a lack of student accommodation. This project consists of 250 student homes (model "Professor"). The building has 5 storey’s and is laid out as a square with a garden in the centre. Square building designs are ideal when using used containers, because of the additional structural integrity they provide. In this case though new Chinese container units were used. The customers architect added a special feature to the outside of the buildings: green tubes that hang as a sort of curtain around the building; they have no practical function, but are there as decoration. All units are heated with natural gas, from a central installation located in one of the ground floor units. This project also has concrete walkways as a special feature. The project started in December 2007 with the foundation works and was commissioned in April 2008. After the units arrived in Amsterdam from the Chinese factory this means about 12 weeks for 250 units from stacking to final commissioning, an average of 4 to 5 units per day (actual stacking speed approximately 20 units a day).

For students:

Are you currently studying, or planning on studying in the area of Amsterdam? And are you looking for a room or house? Tempohousing is not responsible for the rental of the student housing. If you want to qualify for the units in Amsterdam or Diemen please subscribe at (Dutch website with an English section) Therefore applying for an appartment at Tempohousing is of no use.