labour hotel

modular project Labour Hotel

This is a hotel building with 5 levels, consisting of 25 units of the model Master (60 m2 each). Each unit has a separate shower, separate toilet, kitchen and a dining / TV area and 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom has 2 single beds. The units are delivered fully furnished. The outside of the hotel will be finished with separate cladding (foam filled steel sheet panels from Kingspan ®) so that the containers will not be visible anymore. The hotel has a stairwell on either side.

The "Masters" are made from used containers which are modified in Amsterdam by Tempohousing on our construction site. The hotel project started in May 2008 and was commissioned in October 2008. This hotel is rented out to an employment agency for workers from Poland and is fully booked for the next 5 years. In October 2013 the hotel will be relocated and will be replaced by a permanent residential development (up market apartments).