housing solutions

Tempohousing has 7 base models, shown below. What they have in common is:

  • The ducts and pipes for ventilation, sewage, water and heating/cooling and the wiring for power and data all come together in a central service shaft in the middle of the unit, next to the bathroom.
  • Overall internal insulation (heat / cold, noise, fire resistance).
  • Large windows for sufficient daylight (and view).
  • Heavy steel construction for high stacking.
  • A single unit (2,4 m wide) or a combination of 2 units (4,8 m wide).
  • CSC plated, meaning they are accepted as standard freight on a container vessel world wide.

If you choose a Tempohousing product , what you get is an ISO universal system of 8 ft (2,4 m.) wide units. These sizes are standard, which means the units will always have a second life if you wish: you can reuse or resell them to other countries in the world. Reselling won't be a problem: the need for housing is worldwide and won’t disappear any time soon. But this great advantage also means that unit sizes are fixed. They have a max. witdh of 8 ft (2,4 m.) and are 40 ft long (12 m.) Standard sizes are our business. Of course you can combine 2 of them (maybe 3) to create an open space of 60 sqm or 640 square feet. For large projects, we can also use 12 ft (3,6 m.) wide units but they cost a lot more and are difficult to transport. A brochure with all these models is available.