Tempohousing Nigeria office

Tempohousing Nigeria (THN) is a leading Nigeria based project developer specializing in the design and manufacture of real estate structures using standard ISO shipping containers. It has leveraged decades of technology pioneered in Amsterdam and tailored the solution for the housing crisis in Nigeria and West Africa. THN is an arm of Tempohousing Global (THG) and THG is a leading multinational Netherland based project developer that specializes in construction of affordable homes using ISO shipping containers. THN has developed a unique construction system that allows for the quick construction and easy transportation of container structures to any location.

Tempohousing Nigeria has been incorporated to meet the demand for affordable housing in Nigeria. By leveraging our technology and expertise to create a Nigerian tailored solution to the housing problem that is quick to build, easy to maintain, portable and most importantly affordable. Our solution is based on the principle that housing units are similar to shipping containers, so the transport options are universal. Universal means: they could be produced anywhere and they can be re-used or re-sold to any other place in the world.

The beauty of our system is its simplicity. Houses can be built quickly for either temporary or permanent use. Tempohousing Nigeria would significantly drive down the cost of the delivery of much needed affordable living and working spaces. Tempohousing Nigeria places its value in its ability to deliver quality development project quickly and at a significantly lower cost than the current industry average. Also, to deliver superior returns through a disciplined, value-oriented investment approach. We are well placed to work with individuals, government bodies and other private organizations to provide optimal sustainable solutions.

Our Team

Dele Ijaiya-Oladipo
Managing Partner

David .A. Aderounmu
Managing Partner

Arc. Solomon Oluwaseyi
General Manager