modular building design

double rows

double rows modular building designdouble rows modular building design
Two Rows of stacked containers are interconnected with staircases and galleries on either side. This design is used for the Keetwonen project in Amsterdam which provides 1000 student housing units in 6 blocks with courtyards.


square modular building designsquare modular building design
In this footprint the containers are placed in a square shape with the entrances facing each other. Staircases are placed at the corners. The student housing project (250 students) in Diemen is build in this square configuration.

single row

single row modular building designA single row of units is stacked (up to 5 containers high). The staircase on the right is placed in such a way that it provides structural support. The labour hotel project in Diemen is build in a single row and provides room for 140 people in 50 containers.

combined 1

combined modular building designcombined modular building design
It is also possible to combine traditional building methods (concrete columns) with container housing modules. This way you can provide open spaces on the ground floor and have a free choice in the design of the inner lay out. The Salvation Army project was built in this way.

combined 2

combined modular building designAnother example of a combined building is the design for a project where parking spaces have been created underneath the housing units.

staff accomodation

men camps modular building designTempohousing can erect camps to provide dormitories for a large number of labourers. For these camps special dormitainer and ablution units are used.


hotel modular building designThe ideal configuration for a hotel when using Tempohousing prefab hotel units is a design which has 2 wings of hotel rooms and a central space which contains the general functions of the hotel such as the lobby, reception and a restaurant. The Yenagoa hotel in Nigeria was built in this way. This 4**** hotel contains 150 rooms in 168 units.

other designs - circular building

circular building modular building designA circular building. In this way a garden or a central hall can be created.

other designs - adding cladding

adding cladding modular building designadding cladding other modular building designs
By adding cladding you can create a housing block with a traditional look and feel.

other designs - prefab housing

prefab housing modular building designTempohousing prefab housing units can be used for creating bungalows and even a do-it-yourself package to build your own home.