building a modular project

building a modular project The first question we often get is: what are the costs, when there isnít even a design or sketch of the building available or even made yet. To understand what is needed to turn a number of ready-to-go prefabricated Tempohousing units into a building you have to consider issues like:

building a modular project (This list is an example and may not be complete in all cases.)

  • Design requirements for wind loads and seismic movements in specific areas.
  • Home access: internal corridor or outside walkways.
  • Multilevel building: staircases, elevators, emergency routes, connection between the staircases and the walkways or the corridors.
  • Foundation: depends on geo-technical information of the construction site and on the height of the building. Foundation can either be nothing (just four concrete blocks for the unit to stand on), a concrete slab or concrete (or wooden) piles or a combination of these.
  • Roof: design of the roof, required insulation value, snow load, rainwater provision, roof access systems for maintenance and repair, under the roof space needed for wiring and ducts and ventilation channels.
  • Balconies and walkways: from steel or concrete, safety profile, wooden flooring, design of the railing, sizes.
  • Connectors between the prefab units and additional functions of these connectors (strength of the whole building, bearing elements like balconies).
  • Central systems for heating, water pressure, water for sprinkler system (separate), data and power cabling (switch boards), ventilation channels, sewage, how are they situated and how are they connected to central systems, what size and material of connecting ducts.
  • Overall insulation values required for noise and heat and cold, with or without additional outside cladding for very cold or very hot climates.
  • Overall safety requirements, theft prevention, sufficient illuminated areas, fire warning systems, central door access, fencing of main areas.
  • Landscaping issues for parking cars and bicycles, light poles, waste containers, storage areas.

building a modular project We can provide you with a price for the single units, but only when we know your requirements requirements for the floor, windows, colors, bathroom, kitchen, optional furniture, curtains and so on.

Under modular designs you can see examples of different buildings and configurations and components that make up a Tempohousing project. Here you can find different unit designs.

We are also often asked: how long does it take to complete a particular project? The list below will give you an indication of a typical planning schedule, starting with the moment you have decided to purchase the units (and possibly other services) from Tempohousing:

  • Contract discussions, signing and prepayments: usually 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Design phase, depending on the complexity of the project, varies from 3 weeks (small student dormitory with no additional services) to 6 months (4 star hotels). If you order only standard units, the design phase can be skipped. You can also outsource the design phase to a 3rd party (in whole or in part).
  • Pre-production phase: set up the unit production line for your order, including purchasing parts and materials: 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Production speed: 30 to 60 per week, depending on the complexity of the order and the availability of production capacity.
  • Shipping the units to any port in the world: batches of 50 units per week, takes 2 (Middle East) to 4 weeks (US West Coast) per batch.
  • Time to finish the project locally: very difficult to say. In the Amsterdam student project, we needed 8 weeks for each building of 150 units from stacking the units until final commissioning. Hotels usually take a little longer, depending on the design.